FIRST AID CABINET ATTACHMENT 1 medical box over 3 dip. meter dg

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FIRST AID CABINET ATTACHMENT 1 medical box over 3 dip. dg meter

The medical cabinet cod. ARP62 is made of carbon steel and is sturdy and durable. It is equipped with a shelf inside that allows you to place the products it must contain in an orderly manner. The cabinet is equipped with lock and key.

This cabinet has small dimensions that measure externally 300x140x460h mm. The weight is 7.40 kg.

The contents of the cabinet complies with the provisions of current safety regulations of work (Ministerial Decree 388 of 15 July 2003 and Legislative Decree 81 of 09 April 2008) for group A and group B companies and all companies with 3 or more workers.


Sterile gloves disposable (5 pairs).
Splash shield
500ml vial of povidone 10% iodine skin solution (2).
Vials of physiological solution (sodium chloride - 0.9%) of 500 ml (3).
Sterile gauze pads 10 x 10 in envelopes s ingole (10).
Sterile gauze pads 18 x 40 in single pouches (2).
Disposable sterile drapes (2).
Tweezers sterile disposable dressing (2).
Medium size elastic net pack (1).
Pack of cotton wool (1).
Packs of patches of various sizes ready to use (2).
Rolls of plaster cm. 2,5 (2).
A pair of scissors.
Tourniquets (3).
Ice ready to use (two packs).
Disposable bags for the collection of medical waste (2).
Blood pressure measuring device.

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